How to Split an Order?

Simple steps to Split a sales Order

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When you receive a sales order from Medical Rep, Quantum enables you to respond with several actions:


-Bounce Back

-Split Order

-Cancel Order

To Respond to Sales Order Request

STEP 1: Sign in to QUANTUM and tap on ORDERS Icon.
You will view a list of all the sales requests.

STEP 2: Click on the representative that you wish to view and respond to his requests.

You will be taken to ORDER DETAILS.
Here you will be able to view the rep's requests and respond to them.

STEP 3: Respond

As a District Manager, you can respond with two actions :

1- Approve 2- More Actions

If you click on MORE ACTIONS, you will see two options: Bounce Back & Split

Tap on Split :

By selecting this action, you will split the order into two orders.

After clicking on SPLIT a confirmation pop-up message will appear to confirm your action.

Please contact REVO support team for more information.

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