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“Time flies fast, but it's good you are the pilot. Control your time, Save time profitably; Spend time productively!” ― Israelmore Ayivor.

We are here to help you be in control!

With Quantum, you will be able to be the pilot of your time and make better use of it.

In this article, we will cover QUANTUM SALES ACCOUNTS.

QUANTUM ACCOUNTS Feature enables you to view your sales accounts list, collect orders from clinics, doctors, and pharmacies and send Order requests.

Let's Take a Closer Look into ACCOUNTS :

Once you sign in to QUANTUM and tap on ACCOUNTS.

You will see a list of your assigned sales accounts as shown below.

For more details, click on the account you wish to view.

You will be taken to a detailed view of the account.

You will see Account's name, Impact, Contact information, Person in charge, branches, orders, and linked accounts)

A) Branches :

If the account has multiple branches, you will see all the branches and their details.


Here you will see all the placed orders for this account.

You can also PLACE A NEW ORDER order by clicking on NEW ORDER.

Then follow the Ordering steps.

Click on ADD PRODUCT to start adding the products.

From the provided list of products, select the products to be ordered. You can select single or multiple products at the same time.

Insert each product's quantity and bonus, and then tap on NEXT.

Add Notes & Submit Request

Once you submit your request for approval, you will be able to track the order's status through the "ORDER" Feature.


A list of all the HCPS linked to that account.

Please contact REVO support team for more information.

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