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Explaining different order stages

Understand what each status means

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Once you place your order, QUANTUM will enable you to Track your order status till it gets delivered.

This article will explain the different phases the order goes through till it gets delivered.

There are Three Stages for the Order :

1- Pending

Order initiated by the Rep and awaiting approval.

2- Approved

Your order is APPROVED and pending delivery.

3- Delivered

A) Partially Delivered
Only part of the order is delivered

B) Completly Delivered
The whole order is delivered

After the order is delivered, you will be able to see the order's invoice.


Once you place your order, your request is sent to your manager for approval. There are four scenarios for your manager's response actions: Approve, Bounce Back, Split, or Cancel.

In this scenario, your manager approves the order request.


This happens when the DM adjusts the order's Quantity/Bonus rate.

The adjusted order gets BOUNCED BACK to the medical representative for APPROVAL.

The bounced back order will show the old and updated quantity as well as the DM notes on that order.

Once approved by the Medical Rep, the order will go through the delivery stages mentioned above ( pending delivery, Partially delivered, completely delivered)


This scenario occurs when the DM decides to split the requested order into two Batches.

After the order gets split, each Batch goes through the same delivery process mentioned above ( pending delivery, Partially delivered, completely delivered).

You can view the batches' invoices after delivery.

Please contact REVO support team for more information.

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