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MACS & REVO INDEX Abbreviations
MACS & REVO INDEX Abbreviations

REVO INDEX Dashboard Abbreviations

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All the abbreviations you need to know when accessing REVO INDEX.

*C.R: Call Rate = Total Visit / REVO Working Days
*Institutional C.R: Institutional Call Rate = Total Visits to Institutions/ REVO Working Days
*T.C: Territory Coverage = Number of Visited Accounts/ Total number of accounts
Total *S.R: Total Strike Rate = Target visits / Actual visits

Default Target Visits / impact
Class A = 3 visits/ months
Class B = 2 visits/ months
Class C = 1 visit / month

*Members = Medical Reps

*Actual Visits = Actual visits performed by Medical Reps

*Target Visits = (Class A x 3) + (Class B x 2) + (Class C x 1)

*Members - Number of Medical Sales Reps

S.R.X = Strike Rate for unidentified impact
S.R.A = Strike Rate Impact A
S.R.B = Strike Rate Impact B
S.R.C = Strike Rate Impact C
S.R.D = Strike Rate Impact D

*Over visit = visits that exceed the target visits set per doctor, These will be excluded from KPI. i.e: If an impact A doctor was visited 4 times only 3 visits will be reflected in KPI and Strike rate.

Note: You need to be connected to the internet to use MACS

Please contact the Support team for more information.

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