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MACS for Medical Sales Reps
MACS for Medical Sales Reps

Get instant access to your Performance KPIs

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Welcome to REVO performance management system.

Here is where your teams' performance will be brewed using our intelligent application. 

What is MACS? What is it used for?

MACS stands for Metrics Actions Competences Sales
Using MACS - rep interface, sales representatives will be able to track their sales performance/ KPIs in real-time. 

If you're a Sales Rep and your RDC is active and logged in., MACS will be automatically logged in without any username or password.

MACS - METRICS interface

The following explains the interface of MACS - Metrics. 

Here are the most important Navigation tools which you need to get acquainted with before we start.

MACS analytics screen will have the following navigations:

  • Member Dashboard 

  • Member Performance

  • Report Tabs 

  • Filters 

  • Connectivity Indicator 

Pie charts are usually interactive. When you click on them you drill down to view each segment sub-pie chart.

Graphs auto morph with specialty, time, and product filters to project months or days and all products/specialty.

Specialty, Product & Date Filters

Specialty filter for MACS platform allows you to select one or multiple HCP specialties. ie: Cardio or GP.
You can select all the specialties that you would like to have an overview of and apply the filters to see the results.

Product filter for MACS platform allows you to select one or multiple products on your list.

Select your custom dates and apply the filter to see results. You can also select one or more products from the product filter.

## Filters only active in relevant graphs section.

Member Dashboard

On the Dashboard, you will view the key performance indicators such as customer targeting, coverage, and strike rate.

## Please note in Dashboard KPIs:

  • Calculation default to Month to date.

  • You can see the previous month(s) KPIs using the date filter.

  • Calculations always show full month KPIs regardless of the chosen filter date range. For example: choosing to view the date range 15/10/2018 to 20/11/2018 will always show you the full month of October + November KPIs.


DRx force is the magnitude of activities taking place by you. It is based on assigned sessions.


Assigned sessions, give you more detailed analytics on the detailing per specialty.


Check out your detailing activities based on the customer segment and impact.

List Strike

List Strike will show you your full accounts list with the number of visits made per account.

Note: You need to be connected to the internet to use MACS

Please Contact the Support team for more information.

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