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DRx - CLM PRO - Analytics
DRx - CLM PRO - Analytics

The most advanced and fully integrated Customers Targeting analytics

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After the RDC is activated and the Reps have finalized their lists, DRx will be activated.

DRx basically integrates your list with the REVO Detailing giving you more detailed analytics by specialty and impact of a doctor.

The features available at DRx include those in REVO Analytics Interface in addition to a few which we will talk about in this article. 

Important Note: The DRx data reflects only assigned sessions.

1. CLM Dashboard 

CLM Dashboard gives you an overview of all activities. It will help you understand how your organization really performs and help you make the right decisions.

Key Metrics 

In addition to the above, DRx activated specialty and impacts. 


Drill Down option will show you how the products and detailing sessions are performing by different HCP specialties.


Using the Drill Down option you can check your team activities based on the customer segment and impact on each product.


Member Detailing Performance in DRx is different than the one found in REVO. 

The member cards will give you an overview of the Following: 

  • Location of Member 

  • DRx Score

  • Covered Accounts 

  • Assigned Sessions - Sessions assigned to doctors

  • Unassigned Sessions - sessions that were not assigned to doctors, or marked as a study session.

Note: DRx gives a negative score to unassigned sessions; therefore, Reps should always act on assigning sessions to avoid the negative score.

Sessions expire within 24 hours from the detection time.

When you click on the member you will be able to view more detailed analytics that are specific to each member. 

With MDP - In-depth you can view the following: ( All the results are specific to each Rep)

  • Member Dashboard 

  • Force 

  • Specialties

  • Impacts 

  • Focus 

  • List Strike 

  • Daily Visits

  • EVD - Effective visit Duration

MDP - List Strike 

List Strike is the full account list with the number of visits made per account.

MDP - Daily Visits

Daily visits will show each account visited by the Rep with the exact date, duration, specialty, and impact in the form of the complete list.


Similar to Revo Trends, DRx trend will show you:

  •  Comparative between the detailing progress of your products.

  • In which region is your team most active 

  • Specialty trending comparative over time 

  • Impact coverage over time


This is what we feel SFE will most enjoy. We have compiled together pie charts which will help decision-makers get a clear view of the company performance in different aspects. 

  • Account allocation per region 

  • Active reps per region

  • Account allocation per specialty 

  • Active rep per specialty

  • Account allocation per impact

  • Active rep per impact 

List Dynamics

List Dynamics helps you understand how the request pipeline is looking at. Is it stuck or moving forward? You will also be able to see the processing time.


EVD is also known as effective visit duration.
You will be able to view not only the detailing session (m), but also the visit duration per product, hour, and region.

Activating DRx will generate an unlimited amount of graphs that will give you a closer look at the work getting done!

Please contact Revo Support Team for further information.

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