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Guide on using Marketing Surveys and their super powers

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Another premium for the marketing team!

We all know that Data from customers is priceless. Revo has put together a survey feature that will allow marketers to gather all the information that they need to know about their product and campaign performance.

You can add surveys to chosen products to gather feedback and collect insights about products and campaigns.

When clicking on Marketing insight you will be directed to the dashboard which includes Live, Draft, Upcoming, and Done Surveys.

On the top right you will find a credits counter which you will need to request from the Revo Support team.

How does Marketing Insight work?

Automation will be activated once DRx is activated.

Survey Configuration Wizard

Step 1: Set Up Survey Targets

  • Select the product to which you want to assign a survey too.

  • Select Campaign - one campaign only

  • Set Date Range - Duration of Survey should be no more than 30 days

  • Select Survey organization Unit where you want the survey to be active ( Product per active region)

Tip: One survey per detail aid.

Step 2: Set up Survey Type and Questions 

  • Survey Purpose - could be patient insights, customer needs, or message retention

  • Set up Multiple Choice Questions

Multiple Choice Questions: Answers could be single select or multiple select. You can also add as many questions as you would like. But, we usually recommend not to have more than 5. 

Survey Summary

Once you click on Launch survey, a survey summary will appear. You have the option to save the survey for future use or launch it. 

If you launch the survey, you will receive an OTP (One time Password) on your phone to activate the survey.

Launched Surveys

Launched Surveys will appear at the end of each detailing session. 

Reps will be notified through the Notification Center. 

Revo Home Page

You can view the mission indicator on the Product Logo

Product Folder

They will also see a Market Survey indicator on the cover of the product.

Survey Access

Reps can access the survey at any point of time during a call using the Survey Icon on the time.

Survey Interface

Survey Results

The Marketing Manager will get real-time and instant analytics on the progress of customer surveys taken.

To name a few:

  • Number of respondents 

  • Survey answers per Impact 

  • Survey answers per specialty

You can also access insights from previous surveys taken. 

This automation tool will allow you to create your own personalized insights database. 

This can help you adjust your key messages in the next campaign you do!

Please contact Revo Support Team for further information.

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