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What are missions and what they are used for

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In this article, we will be explaining what Missions are, and what they are used for.

By now, you have noticed that Revo analytics has a lot of cool features for the district managers, and admin.

Well unlike the rest of the features, this feature is for the Marketing Managers who worked so hard on their detail aid content and design to make sure reps are well equipped with tools to use during calls.

What are Missions?

Missions help you set a monitored target for a specific product. What do I mean? you can ask the reps to focus on a product for a certain period of time.

By creating Missions!
It's so fun and simple and will help you reach your target.

This feature is activated when DRx is fully functioning. 

First, you will be directed to the mission dashboard where you will get a view of the live, draft, upcoming, and done missions. 

Make sure to request your credits from the Revo Support team.

How Do you Create a New Mission?

First Click on New Mission

Simply follow the below step:

  •  Select the product which you want to set a mission for

  • Select a campaign - one only

  • Choose the Key message focus - select from 1 to 5 key impression

  • Set Daily Force - a minimum of 5 sessions daily.

  • Select Mission Target per specialty

  • Mission Focus per impact - impact total must be equal to 100%

  • Select date range in which the mission should be active - max. 30 days

  • Set Region - One region only 

Mission Summary 

Once you click on Launch Mission, a mission summary will popup. You have the option to save the mission for future use or launch the mission. 

If you launch the mission you will receive an OTP (One time password) on your phone to activate the mission.

Tip: One Mission per detail aid in the date range selected

Launched Missions

After the mission is launched, reps will receive a notification through the Notification Center that a mission has been assigned.

Revo Home 

Reps will be able to see a mission indicator on the product logo.

Product Folder

They will also have a mission indicator on the cover photo of the product.

So cool, I know!

Mission Progress

Marketing Managers can track progress and get input on the status of their mission through the analytics portal.

Please contact Revo Support team for further information.

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