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Controlling your Master Account List

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As an SFE you have the full overview of the CRM List shared with Revo team.

Around 2 weeks after the RDC Rep launch, SFE/Admin will be provided with a one-time use username and password to access your Analytics interface.

Once you have logged in you will be directed to the Dashboard where you will get to see the BIG PICTURE.

On the dashboard, you will get an overview of the RDC status of the customer list and workflow.

Master Account List 

Master Account list management interface empowered with filters and powerful functionalities enable account assigning or switching.

When selecting an account(s) you can do different tasks to it such as Assign, De-assign, Add, & Edit Accounts.

Assign Accounts

You can select to assign an account by clicking on the account from the master account list. Assigning could be done for a specific rep or multiple reps at a time. 

De-assign Accounts

You can select to de-assign an account from a specific rep or multiple reps at a time. This is simply done by clicking on the account from the master account list. 

New Account 

Even after the master account list has been integrated onto REVO, data input of a new account is a simple thing an admin could do at any point.

Fill in the required fields such as:

  • Name of new account 

  • Account type 

  • Account gender

  • Account occupation 

  • Representatives to be assigned to an account 

  • Workplace 

  • Contact method 

  • Account Impact

Edit Account 

Editing an account's impact, workplace, contact method could also be an option.

You can check the customer list and flow of the representatives.

Rep Lists

By clicking on the representative name you can have a look at the account list they are working with.

This is not only it, you can also view the number of requests made by each rep be it add, delete or update.

You can even assign and de-assign accounts from the rep list view. 

This is usually useful when one of the reps is relocated to another region. 

Managers Lists

Similar to the rep lists, you can have an overview of the district managers for each area, their team members, and their request progress. 

When clicking on the manager card, you will be able to see the team that reports to them.

As you can see SFE/Admin access gives you a clear picture of how the teams are working. 

Please contact REVO Support Team for further information.

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