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Make sure you have already read REVO Analytics Main Navigation article before you go through this one. 

Once you have an understanding of the navigation and the different platforms you will be able to start exploring on your own.

Below is a guide on what is found within the REVO analytics platform.

Detailing Dashboard

An overview of all activities will help you understand how your organization really performs. 

Key Metrics Cluster


Force is the magnitude of activities taking place in the field. These can be viewed per region, per team, per day, and per minute.


Execution analysis shows if your planned marketing activities or customer targeting is executed according to plan.


With Focus you can view what messages your team is focusing on when interacting with doctors.


Trends provide valuable business intelligence to track progress over time.

Comparative - Cluster

MDP - Member Detailing Performance

Check how your sales team is performing. Who's is the best rep and who is the weakest link?


By clicking on a team member, you can analyze their performance and get more insights.

TDP - Team Detailing Performance

With TDP, you can compare: 

  • Regional focus comparison - check out how your product detailing performs in the whole region

  • Regional detailing force - Check out how total detailing force and compare team performance.

Geo Tracker

With the Geo tracker, you can view the activity taking place in the region.

Push to tell 

Using the Push to tell function managers can send messages to an individual or group of users. 

These messages will be sent through Notification Center on the reps' tablets. 

Push to tell is a great tool for team motivation.

Contact REVO Support team for more information.

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