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Getting Started with E-Detailing

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Revo E-Detailing is your Ai empowered E-Detailing and CLM Tablet interface. 

In other words, it is the tool used by Medical Sales Reps to engage with doctors during a call.

In this article, we will take you on a tour of our E-Detailing world. We will be highlighting the different features available.

Revo Home

This is the Revo E-Detailing interface that appears as soon as you click on the Revo icon on your tablet. 

On this screen, you will be able to view many things including:

  • Company Logo 

  • Tablet Connectivity 

  • Product Logos 

  • Quick View button 

  • Refresh button 

  • DRx (Optional - Must be activated) 

  • Notification Center 

  • Instant in-app Support

Product Folder

Once you click on the product logo found on Revo home page you will be directed to the Product folder which includes the Detail Aid(s) under the product.

You can choose the Detail Aid that you want to use during your call or you may click to go back to the Revo homepage to choose another product.

Detailing Mode

What you will find when you click on the Detail Aid?

A typical Detail Aid Interface will include the following buttons: 

  • Home Button - to go back to Revo Home Page

  • Back Button - to go back to Product Folder

  • Quick View - Thumbnail View for the Slides

  • Citations - lead you to the references on your 

  • Surveys (Optional) - To be placed at the end of the Detail Aid; Done by Marketing Team

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