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All you need to know about Adding, updating, and removing request

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As an SFE you have the full overview of the CRM List shared with Revo team.

That is why we have put together this article to guide you through how requests are treated. 

As you know the list shared with us will be distributed to the managers and Med reps for verification.

Even though you will be able to access all the requests shared across RDC. SFEs are only required to approve 1 thing which is Add requests. 

This is to avoid duplication of contacts on the main CRM List.

So, what do you need to do?

First, access your Analytics portal - RDC Icon and click on the list icon on the left side of the screen 

A list with all the pending requests will appear. You can filter those by request type and request status.

As an SFE manager you will need to respond only to ADD requests:

  1. Add Requests

You can either approve or deny a request.

Please note that Add requests will have to go through district managers' approvals first. SFE will receive Add requests if the district manager approves them.

2. Update Requests

Update requests will allow you to view each updated component that needs to be approved or denied by the district manager.

Please note that Reps will not have access to Update a doctor's Impact - Classification.

3. Remove Requests

You will also be able to have an overview of the removal request, but they will only require district manager approvals.

Remove requests will come with a note which explains the reason for the specific action requested.

A Diagram of the Process is available to better understand how the process works:

  1. Add

2. Update

3. Remove

Please contact Revo Support team for further information.

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