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REVO Analytics Main Navigation

All you need to know about Analytics Interface navigations

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You have come a long way!

Now that you have REVO e-detailing & CRM Lists on RDC and the Reps are working, you can view all the numbers and graphs.

Simply, Access the Analytics portal using the email address and password provided to you by the Revo team.

A one-time password will be sent to you via SMS to verify your account.

In this article, we will be talking about the different filters, and navigations that you will encounter in Revo.

REVO analytics screen will have the following navigations:

  • Platforms

  • Filters (Macro & Micro)

  • Reports Clusters

So, what are all these buttons and how are they helpful?


Revo is launched in phases.
Usually, we start with e-detailing without CRM, but that doesn't need to mean that you will not start gathering analytics at that phase.
Then eventually once the RDC is activated, the lists are approved and  DRx CLM is activated the analytics become richer.

These platform buttons will allow you to view the analytics at each of the following levels:

  • E-Detailing 

  • CLM

  • CRM 

  • KPIs

Filters (Macro & Micro)

You can filter based on:

  • Specialty - Special filter for DRx platforms allows you to select one or multiple HCP specialties i.e. CARDIO or GP.

  • Product - This filter allows you to select one or multiple products from the list.

  • Region - Select one or multiple countries out of your region or show subregions to view data for the specified zones.

  • Date Range - You can select a timeline on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly basis and custom periods.

Please note that you can have multi-filters selected at the same time.

Report Clusters

Report clusters across all platforms are icons on the left side of the screen which you can use to move between analytics including:

  • Dashboards - gives you an overview of all activities and helps you understand how your organization really performs.

  • Automation - Includes Missions & Marketing Insights (These can be activated upon request).  Made for the Marketing team to help collect insights from the field. 

  • Key metrics - Includes  Force, Execution, and Focus. In addition, Speciality and Impact appear once the DRx is activated. Key metrics will basically provide you with on hands analysis of the teams' performance.

  • Trends - Provide valuable business intelligence to track progress over time.

  • Comparative - Includes MDP, TDP, & Geo Tracker. Its function is to provide you with comparative details on the Sales team, and their performance, with an option of comparison in the whole region.

  • In-depth - You don't need to dig deeper to analyze why some of the team members are outperforming others. With in-depth, you can get real insights that will allow you to take corrective actions.

  • Functions - Includes Push to tell, Campaigns, The objective is to make your communications with your team members easily accessible.

  • KPIs - Key Performance Indicators provide the continuous health status of the organization's performance, customer targeting, coverage, and strike rate.

Please contact Revo Support team for further information.

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