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Publishing, Un-publishing, and Updating Content on Revo e-Detail Aids
Publishing, Un-publishing, and Updating Content on Revo e-Detail Aids

All about the control Marketing team has on Revo

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All that Revo talk will not give this software justice. 

We at Revo have made sure to make the user experience of both marketers and reps easier. 

In this article, we will talk about the control marketers have over the slides on Revo. 

You probably have heard us use the following terms: Publishing, & Un-Publishing... but what does it really mean?

Publishing is the action of uploading the slides on Revo and having them appear on the Med Reps Tablets.

After you have shared with us the slides based on the Revo Guidelines communicated. 

Note that, Publishing of approved slides usually takes around (3 to 5) days. 

Un-Publishing is the action of removing the slides/references/videos/ Tags from Medical reps tablets.

Updating Content

In many instances, your content needs to be updated. Sometimes, it is only one of the slides or even a reference.

To make your life easier, we will only request from you to share the slides that need to be updated - with clear guidelines of course of the slide number and product name. 

You will not have to share the entire slides, logo, and cover photo with us again!

Please contact Revo Support Team for further information.

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