Adding Animated Slides in Revo

Animated Slides Specs for Marketers

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To further enhance your slide you can apply animation to the text and objects.

This feature adds a visual aspect to your presentation and can create a focus on specific items.

What are the requirements for animated slides?

Unlike the other slides, we will require the Ai file to be shared for the slide to be animated.

There are 2 actions per slide limit:

  • Auto animate - the slide animation start animation as you open it

  • Animate on click - click a specific item for the next animation to happen

Upon receiving the files, the team will contact you to execute the required animation and provide the timeline.

This can be activated by tapping on the animated slide.

Tips: There is no limit to use animated slides inside the detail aid, We recommend use it wisely; physicians have limited time meeting reps!

Please contact Revo Support Team for further information.

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