Revo E-Detailing Mode Gestures

Tips & Tricks for Medical Reps

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When developing Revo E-Detailing platform, we aimed to make the user experience fun and smooth. 

We have made some tricks for you to use while detailing.

1. Slide Lock

The name says it all! How many times were you detailing a graph on your tablet to an HCP and ended up shifting to the next slide unintentionally?

Well, say no more! By double-clicking on the slide you will make sure to lock. 

2. Full Screen 

That's not all!

You will also be able to shift to Full-Screen mode by pinching the screen. 

3. Shifting/bridging between detail aids

Ever been in a situation where you wanted to quickly share more than one product with the doctor during a call, but couldn't manage to do it due to the very limited time you get. 

We have taken this scenario into consideration and have developed an easy shift between detail aids that will help you jump into another detail aid without having to click back.

Simply,  swipe up 2 fingers on any slide to get the easy switch view.

You can now move between detail aids in a hassle-free way. 

4. Quick View

You have guessed it right.

The quick View button gives you the option of viewing all slides on one page. This option could be helpful when you want to switch between slides that are not directly after each other. 

All you have to do is click on the quick view button (on the top right) in any of the slides in the detail aid.

To get a view of the slides in your detail aid.

Please contact Revo Support Team for further information.

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