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All you need to know about adding and updating content.

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4 Easy Steps to Publish New Detail Aids

If you want to upload a NEW detail aid or Update an existing one, you will need to keep in mind the following SOPs.

Step 1: Prepare Your Content

Please refer to Revo Detailing Slides Guideline to learn more about the correct size and format of the Revo slides. 

Step 2: Communicate with the Support

Share content via  Revo support system. You can access support from your REVO Application on a tablet or from your Analytics Access.

Please note that REVO support is the only authorized channel to receive Content form Product Managers

Step 3:  System Validation

Once the slides are shared the account manager in charge will need (2 business days) to confirm receiving the content. You should hear from the account manager confirming the receiving.

Another (2-5 business days) will be required for system validation. You should expect the following:

1- PASS - Content Validated
If everything was shared according to the REVO Slides Guidelines. Your content will be Scheduled with Revo Technology team for Publishing.

2- NO-PASS - Content Validated

If something was missing or, or didn't match the guidelines you will be asked to rework the slides. ** then the process will revert to STEP 1.

Step 4: Content Publishing

Validated Content for publishing requires (3 - 5 Business days) 

When the content is published you and the team will be notified via:

  1. SMS text 

  2. Notification Center on your REVO application.

Please contact Revo Support Team for more information.

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