How to Access References

How to access references on your E-detail Aid

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We all are aware of how important references are to any piece of work.

Imagine how credible it makes your e-Detail look in front of doctors. 

If you haven't figured out how you can access references yet, you will find this article helpful.

How to access references?

  1. Access All Detail Aid references PDF Button on the top right 

This will give you access to all references linked to the detail aid. You can navigate all references from the left panel. You can zoom the content of the references in the right panel in case you need it.

2. In-slide through reference button on the bottom right

This will give you access to the PDF linked to the reference on that particular slide.

Once you click on the button, you will be able to view the reference citation you have shared in your product citation (Step 2)

Once you click on the reference citation you will be directed directly to the hyperlinked reference PDF in the discussion.

Clicking on the back button of this screen.

Will direct you back to the last slide you were at while detailing.

Please contact Revo Support Team for further information.

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