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How to hyperlink references in REVO detail aid

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Just like the printed e-Detail Aids, references are a main component of the Revo e-Detail Aid.

References are providing citations of the source of information used.

How references should be shared?

In order to have the reference appear on your e-Detail interface, 3 things must be shared by the marketing team:

Step 1: 

Reference PDF 

Step 2:

Product Citations - Collect all PDF citations in one RTF File

Step 3: 

Reference Map - Linking each slide with its citation.

How will you view the citation/ reference in your detail aid?

  1. In-slide through the PDF button on the top right 

This will give you access to all references linked to the detail aid

2. In-slide through reference button on the bottom right

This will give you access to the PDF linked to the reference on that particular slide.

Once you click on the button, you will be able to view the reference citation you have shared in your product citation (Step 2)

Once you click on the reference citation you will be directed directly to the hyperlinked reference PDF in the discussion.

Please make sure that you provide the files arranged as below to pass the system validation and quick response from the support team.

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