What are tags used for?

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You might have heard someone mention using Tags on Revo e-detail aid. 

What are Tags?

Tags allow you to group and categorize slides in your detail aid.

How is that helpful?

In many instances, we are rushed through a call because of the HCPs tight schedule and back-to-back patients.

Tags will give you the option to choose the topics without the hassle of having to skim through the detail aid in search of the slides.

Clicking on Tags will sort out the slides which you would like to focus on during your call.

You can reset slides using the reset button on the top right of the quick view slide.

Where do you access Tags from?

Option 1:

Top right Quick View Button:

This will take you to the Quick View format of the slide where you will find all the tags.

Option 2: In-slide Tag Button
Access from the bottom left of any slide in your detail aid.

Clicking on the Tags button will allow you to view all the tags available.

Please contact Revo Support Team for more information.

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