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Assigning Detailing Sessions in REVO DRx
Assigning Detailing Sessions in REVO DRx

How to assign Detailing Sessions after visiting doctors

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This is a Guide to help Medical Reps assign doctors to their sessions.

When your contact list is confirmed in RDC  it will be seamlessly integrated with the REVO eDetailing platform. Meaning, you will be able to assign doctors to the sessions.

You Should receive a message from REVO that REVO DRx is activated for you.

Whenever you use your detail aid, REVO will detect your detailing sessions and ask you to assign it to a contact you recently visited.

How do you do that?

First, you should be able to access DRX from the Revo E-detailing App on your tablets.

After your session, you will be notified on the top right of the screen about the number of sessions detected. 

By clicking on the notification icon, you will be directed to the DRX interface on your tablet.

Here is how your DRX looks like without any detected sessions.

This will get filled every time you access the detail aids on your tablet.

If a session is detected, you will have 2 options:

  • Assigning the session to a doctor using your list 

  • Assigning it as a study session - meaning the detected session didn't take place with an HCP

To assign the session to a doctor:
1 - Click on the green button. (Assign Session to Doctor)

Please note that you have only 24 hours to assign detected sessions.

2 - Then, select the name of the doctor from the list on the right-hand side.

3 - Once you have selected the name of the doctor, click on submit. 

Please note that if you have a doctor with more than one workplace you will have to select the workplace!

There is no UNDO for this step, so please make sure that you select the right doctor for the session and 

You will be able to see each assigned session for 7 days after it is assigned.


REVO DRx uses Artificial Intelligence to Validate the detailing sessions, That's why you will see only the validated sessions.

If you think that you have done a detailing session and it's not showing this means it's not validated and you need to perform a better detailing session the next time to achieve your KPIs.

For detected sessions, you must act on it before 24 hours even if it's a study session. Un-assigned sessions after expiry will negatively affect your REVO DRx index score

Best Practice tips:

Best Performers used to assign sessions after visiting the doctor not to forget this.

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